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The Things We Hide

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Detective Joel Hallett's biggest worry to date was his deteriorating marriage to his wife, Novia- until a body is found. Joel suddenly finds himself responsible for the arduous task of solving the only murder in Haverton, Maine's recent history. His intensely personal connection to the crime leaves him shaken as he tries to keep the focus of the investigation pointed in the right direction: away from himself.

Rachel Anderson, a divorcee struggling to pick up the pieces of her broken heart since the day her husband left, finds herself forced to confront not only her own painful past but a frightening present that could ruin lives. Faced with horrible suspicions and truths, Rachel must decide which secrets she will keep.

These two lonely souls, whose fates are intertwined, soon feel the unavoidable impact of the price we pay for the things we hide.

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