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Author Nicole Austin, at Jesup Library. Photo by Jeff Kirlin.

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The Things We Hide Cover

Detective Joel Hallett's biggest worry to date was his deteriorating marriage to his wife, Novia- until a body is found. Joel suddenly finds himself responsible for the arduous task of solving the only murder in Haverton, Maine's recent history. His intensely personal connection to the crime leaves him shaken as he tries to keep the focus of the investigation pointed in the right direction: away from himself.

Rachel Anderson, a divorcee struggling to pick up the pieces of her broken heart since the day her husband left, finds herself forced to confront not only her own painful past but a frightening present that could ruin lives. Faced with horrible suspicions and truths, Rachel must decide which secrets she will keep.

These two lonely souls, whose fates are intertwined, soon feel the unavoidable impact of the price we pay for the things we hide.

Minor Indiscretions

Molly Parker has an idyllic life- a wealthy, hard-working husband, a beautiful son, and a picture perfect dream house. To most, she has it all- but for her, there's something missing.


And then she meets Ian, who turns her world upside down in a moment. Caught up in her newfound love affair, Molly is blindsided by the sudden abduction of her son, spurring a series of lies and doubt that will leave you wondering what the most minor indiscretions can do...



Nicole (Austin) slammed out of the gates with her powerfully-written, gripping, emotional, and raw first novel, Minor Indiscretions.

A stunning debut from a talented writer. This book had me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat from start to finish.

I was swept away with intrigue, suspense, and a sense of understanding where the main character was coming from at every turn. If you’re looking for a boring book to put you to sleep at night — just walk away.

Stacie L.,

on Minor Indiscretions


on Minor Indiscretions

Jessica W.,

on Minor Indsicretions

My only warning: don’t start this book until you have time to read it all at once.

I did not predict the twist that hit me and I don't think you will, either! If you are a fan of thrillers and mysteries, this story is for you!


on The Things We Hide

Emily Y.,

on The Things We Hide

The Things We Hide was full of intrigue, suspense, and most of all true feelings. The story could have gone in so many directions, but it doesn’t really prepare you for the final shock. Don’t pass this one up. Nicole Austin is bound to be a household name soon enough.

Kristen W.,

on The Things We Hide


Nicole Austin

    Nicole Austin lives in coastal Maine with her six children.

    Employed full-time working for the town she loves, Nicole uses whatever free time is not spent nurturing her family and friendships to continue to jot down ideas and write stories and poems, as well as food and lifestyle blogging for Food Fanatic. Nicole’s creativity and positive energy thrive with the exciting, enthusiastic lifestyle of raising several intelligent and fun children who keep her feeling young and imaginative.

    Nicole also enjoys listening to music, hiking, relaxing by the ocean, trying new foods that don’t involve celery, and is usually interested in anything fun, invigorating, or delicious. She takes great pride in her multifaceted skill set and personality, which has always been hard to adequately represent in instances such as this.

    A writer and avid reader since she was young, Nicole is excited to finally share her passion for the written word with the world.



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